5 Great Bisexual Coming Out Videos

If you’re thinking of coming out as bisexual, then learning how other bisexual people have come out can be really helpful. Coming out videos provide an intimate way of sharing in another person’s experience. Watching these videos can help you build confidence in your own bisexuality. They also provide useful practical information on how to come out.

There are a huge variety of bisexual coming out videos on YouTube.  Here are five of my favourites:

1) Laci Green – ‘Comin’ Out!’

This video neatly summarises the challenges of coming out as bisexual, and emphasises a crucial point: coming out is your choice and you should do it whenever it feels right to do it. You don’t owe it to other people to come out, and coming out isn’t about proving anything to others.  As Laci says in her inimitable style, ‘I didn’t owe shit and neither do you!’

2) Alan Cumming – ‘True Bisexual Stories’

It’s great when public figures talk openly and articulately about their bisexuality, as actor Alan Cumming does in this video.

3) Fiona Dawson – ‘Coming Out as Bisexual’

Fiona speaks eloquently about how proudly identifying as bisexual can help break down stigma and negative attitudes to bisexuality from both straight and gay communities. She says ‘I will always choose to be authentic’.  A great message!

4) Gregory Ward – ‘My Coming Out Bisexual Story’

Greg shares his experience of coming out to family, friends and work colleagues. He has a warm and gentle way of expressing himself, so this is an ideal video to watch if you’re feeling troubled about coming out and need some calm, reassuring words.

5) Rosie (Roxeterawr) – ‘My Coming Out Story’

This passionate and frank coming out video covers a lot of ground, including the experience of biphobia in relationships, and the challenges of coming out to parents. Rosie also debunks some of the many myths and stereotypes about bisexual people. An inspiring video.

If you’re struggling with being bisexual, or need support with any aspect of life relating to bisexuality, then I offer personal coaching services via Skype or phone.  Feel free to contact me to set up a free, no obligation 30 minute introductory session.